How to compare quotes to guarantee low premiums

Obtaining a quote for classic car insurance has never been easier; there are several online comparison websites that offer fast results, while specialist broker services will help drivers obtain more comprehensive insurance cover. However, while it is relatively easy for classic car drivers to obtain quotes it is vital to carefully compare quotes in order to guarantee that you achieve cheap classic car insurance.

While fantastic comparison sites will offer some great quotes it is still important to compare these quotes. Especially for classic car drivers, who need to ensure that the premium is cheap and it also correctly covers their car. When comparing quotes try to ensure that key classic car policy features are included within a policy, these key classic features are essentially any aspects of a policy that you wouldn’t normally find on a standard policy. These features are what differentiate standard policies and classic car policies. Although, these features can be essential it is important to assess your specific needs and to find a quote that only includes the features that will be beneficial to your vintage car.

These types of policies are often difficult to find on standard comparison websites, which is why it is often more beneficial to choose a specialist comparison website, such as, which offers policies specifically for classic car owners.

Whether you decide to use a specialist comparison website, a standard comparison website or a broker who will offer you a variety of different policies it is important to compare aspects of each policy to ensure you receive the right policy for your classic car. Firstly, look at the difference in benefits for limiting your mileage. If you are deciding to choose a limited mileage policy select the one that offers you the best amount of mileage for the policy price and the other benefits offered by insurance providers for choosing a limited mileage policy.

Also, carefully inspect the different rates charged for an agreed valuation and select the policy that is more appropriate for the value of your car. What additional benefits are offered, for example does your classic car policy include Rally Cover or are you required to purchase it as extra cover. And lastly, look at the premium discount offered for storage, limited time cover and begin a member of a classic car club.

While specialist comparison websites will include a lot of these factors when creating a quote, it still important to carefully compare the quotes to ensure that you receive cheap classic car insurance that offers adequate cover, which has been specifically tailored to your needs.




osemite Dream Hand Woven Tapestry

It’s late Spring, and you’re a little out of breath as you turn a bend in the path at Yosemite National Park and there it is … in all its magnificence, Yosemite Falls, cascading a full 2,424 feet off the granite walls! Fed by this year record heavy rains and snowmelt, it is one of the tallest waterfalls in North America and the 6th tallest in the world.
Indeed, America’s spectacular Yosemite was indeed a dream for those who moved to California from the east in search of new land abundant with furs in the Sierras, and rumor had it…..Gold! The first settlers were trappers, traders and adventurers who blazed and mapped dangerous passages through the Sierras.
The beauty of Yosemite has been captured for eternity, in a spectacular hand woven tapestry measuring 8’hx 6’w called YOSEMITE DREAM wall tapestry, designed by Heirloom European Tapestries. This hand woven tapestry not only captures the timeless beauty of Yosemite, but additionally commemorates the earliest visitors to the park. The border cartouches of this wall tapestry boasts a frontiersman and native American Indian viewing the scene whose habitat included deer and bear, which are also shown at the top and bottom cartouches. A log cabin sits alongside a tributary stream from the Merced River – harkening us back to our early American roots and in full view of one of the many spectacular waterfalls of Yosemite National Park.


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